June 5, 2020  

To our audience and anyone who cares to listen,

On this most somber evening, as we battle two viruses at the same time (racism and covid) I must speak out on the state of our union. To the founders of The Black Mirror Theatre company & the future artists to come, I thank you for this platform to express my point of view and activism to appeal to others to continue the fight for equality and to promote social and criminal justice. 


As artists we seek to learn and share stories from narratives and peoples who many times have not been heard in order to build bridges of understanding. This is where empathy can manifest. It’s literally the threads of a civilized society. The ability to soften our hearts to put others over ourselves and care for one another’s well being is a vital way to address our injustices and provide a space for healing.  Artists serve and have served as healers during trying times. Now is one of those times.

The paradigmatic events of the last ten days with tens of thousands worldwide (amidst a pandemic) decrying the brutal murder of George Floyd have (hopefully) forced our hearts to attention beyond hopes and prayers and one that moves us to action and promotion of policy changes in police reform, education, healthcare, income inequality, childhood hunger, freedom of speech and voting rights and to repair and value our communities and peoples of color. 


It is my hope that artists rise up and express our outrage of power and privilege on full display and cry for change. We cannot turn a blind eye when injustice is right in front of us. My job as an theatremaker may not be on the frontlines of either of these scourges, but my role as an artist/healer is to edify, educate and celebrate our Humanity. Thank you again for providing a space for my voice to vent through.


J. Michelle Rebollo 

Artistic Director

The Black Mirror Theatre Company                                            


Congratulations to Carly Uding on her nomination and win!

2020 Saint Louis Theatre Circle award

outstanding supporting  actress in a drama for 

Translations . 


The Black Mirror Theatre was founded in 2010 in St. Louis, Missouri with these guiding principles:  to present productions of substance with clarity and simplicity on topics of social and economic justice; to provide opportunities in professional theatre for students and alumni of St. Louis Community College; and to help combat childhood hunger in our region.

Black Mirror Theatre is a 501c3 organization. Please consider donating to our company to assist us in backing our upcoming season of productions.  

Now in our 10th year of producing critically acclaimed theatre in the Saint Louis Metro Region, we believe in also giving back.  With every show that our company produces, we donate a portion of the proceeds to Operation BackPack. This local St. Louis non-for-profit organization that helps fight childhood hunger throughout the metro St. Louis area by providing weekend food assistance. In 2018 our company was able to give enough so that 20 children ate food every weekend of the school year.  

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Connecting With St. Louis


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Congratulations to Carly Uding on her 2020 Saint Louis Theatre Circle Awards nomination and win for the production of Translations.


supporting  actress in a drama


"Our stories come from our lives and from the playwright's pen, the mind of the actor, the roles we create, the artistry of life itself and the quest for peace."




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J. Michelle Rebollo, Artistic Director

St. Louis, Missouri

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