The Black Mirror Theatre Company presents

by Special Arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc. New York 

a radio play


by Conor McPherson


Directed by Madeline Finn 


Jackson Harned as JOHN PLUNKETT

Ryan Lawson-Maeske as MARK

Bryn McLaughlin as MARY 


Set on Christmas Eve, we find an Undertaker's assistant, John Plunkett haunted by his past when his estranged daughter returns after ten years bearing grave news. John's love for drink is challenged by Mary as she questions his love for the bottle before her. Told in three parts, John also shares his holiday with stories and drink with his young assistant Mark who is also searching for his own redemption. 

*mature themes and language

DUBLIN CAROL premiered at  London's Royal Court Theatre on February 22, 2000.

The American premiere was at the Atlantic Theatre Company

(Neil Pepe, Artistic Director; Beth Emelson, Producing Director) in New York City on February 20, 2003.

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The Talk 

Adapted and Directed by Michelle Zielinski from Derek Patterson's art piece entitled "Letters to Mom and Dad," The Black Mirror Theatre Company has revisited one of our short plays produced in December of 2018 which examines race and the sober communication Black families still have to protect their sons and daughters from institutional racism and police abuse. And while "The Talk" wouldn't have saved George Floyd or Breonna Taylor or Ahmaud Arbery or Sandra Bland or Tamir Rice or Elijah Glay or Walter Wallace, Jr., we feel it's time to be reminded of this reality and to strive forward for a better America.


Special thanks to Derek Patterson, Turquoise Brown, Sherre Ward as Mom and Don McClendon as Dad. You can find the link to the video on YouTube here.